Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Obama Having Second Thoughts About Zalaya Rescue!

(Oct. 13, Washington) In an unscheduled Rose Garden appearance early this morning, President Obama announced that he is having second thoughts about his decision to name Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales to the newly-created Executive Branch post of “Czar Of All Czars”.

Ex-Honduran president Zelaya is scheduled to occupy Vice-president Cheney’s old west-wing office. “Where I can keep an eye on him,” President Obama said. “We wouldn’t want anything to happen to Jose before he has a chance to re-assume the presidential office in Tegucigalpa.

"In the meantime,” the President said, “he will be in charge of all the White House czars, a sort of “capo di tutti capi” as Vice President Joe Biden put it. “His duties have not yet been defined,” the President continued. “We are still trying to come to terms with Manny’s insistence on carrying a side arm. Seeing that six-gun hanging there on his hip is freaking out the White House staff.”

When pressed by reporters to identify the most serious international relations problem that could develop because of his (President Obama’s) rescue of the Latin American president, Mr. Obama replied, “He wants to sleep on the floor by his desk. He brought a couple of smelly blankets and a straw mat, and around five P.M. he spreads them out on the floor behind Cheney's old Halliburton desk and settles in. My worst fear is that during the night, he’ll pick up a call from Putin or from Ahmad, or become startled by the cleaning crew and start shooting that cannon. The cleaning staff is nearly all Black, you know, and they spook easily. I’m beginning to regret that I rescued him at all.” He added. “I probably should have selected someone less controversial for the post. Like Jim McGreevy, or Eliot Spitzer.”

Saturday, October 10, 2009

de Tocqueville's America . . .NOT

In her exciting blog, my perceptive and clever friend, Rosita ( laments the loss of a free press in our land. She could not find a remedy in de Tocqueville's "Democracy in America", for he complains that 'as men become more alike, the rules of advancement become more rigid, and advancement slows.' But through no fault of his own, de Tocqueville missed something; the America he saw was not our America.
And thank God for it. Otherwise we'd be one big Canada. (Perish the thought!) In fact, he was blessed to live at a time when men had brains in their heads.
Tocqueville’s book was written when most men’s lives were guided by doctrine and supported by principle. Honor was the second of these, after God and before country. Why? Because that’s what they were taught in childhood by their parents and later in their formal education. If, by reason of birth or condition, formal education was wanting, example was plentiful and defiance punished. Was social injustice a part of that long-ago society? Beyond doubt. Did its presence, like today’s self-styled and witless reformers assert, invalidate America’s history? Is there a Washington or a Jefferson alive anywhere in the world today? Hello!
Someone in my family attended the University of South Carolina in Columbia. When the Civil War broke out, the entire student body, seventy-five young men in all, volunteered for service in the Confederate Army. In today’s America, the only time such unanimity of purpose might be evident among our university airheads is under the conditions of a rock concert or an anti-war protest. And besides social agitation and narcissism, there wouldn’t otherwise be the faintest consideration of principle, steadfastness or conviction in their weak little minds, saying nothing of honor.
They tell us that time marches on and cultural values change. What culture? I say as the twig is bent so grows the tree. Today’s America is lost, and absent catastrophic trial, will never again know honor, purpose or patriotic fervor.
Too bad for us.

Monday, October 05, 2009


Here's an interesting quote today from our Glorious Leader:

"Partisan attempts to stall or block healthcare reform are unacceptable, especially as rising costs prevent small businesses from creating new jobs at a time when the U.S. economy remains fragile," President Barack Obama said Saturday.

"Rising healthcare costs are undermining our businesses, exploding our deficits, and costing our nation more jobs with each passing month," Obama said in his weekly radio address.

(Just so you know - unemployment, especially among young people ages 17 to 24 is higher than ever before in our history. This couldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact that Congress just increased the minimum wage again, could it?

$7.25 an hour for a kid to come in after school to sweep out the store or load some shelves? Fuggedaboudit!)

Do you see the game here? Despite his promises that he would reduce unemployment by 3 million new jobs in his first year in office, under Obama, unemployment numbers are rising every month. In September they reached 9.8%, the highest number of unemployed Americans in 26 years.

The Chicago mobsters in the White House must have sat up all night on this one, but Obama and his consiglieri found a way to blame it on somebody else - he's going to blame rising unemployment on our healthcare system!

Hey! He can bring Bush into it and make him part of this problem too! After all, wasn't our horrible health care system in effect during Bush's term? Maybe our Dear and Glorious Leader thought this up on his million-dollar ride over to Copenhagen on Air Force One to use his unparalleled salesmanship on the stubborn fools who run the Olympic Committee and feel like they should give the southern hemisphere a chance, given that an Olympic event has never been held there and Brazil is becoming a major player in the world's economy. too bad. Those half-empty slums of Valerie Jarrett's might have made a good place for a stadium. Oh, well. There's always the winter olympics.

Mmm - mmm - mmm! Barack looks like an ass! Mmm - mmm - mmm . . . .

Oh. and you know what? All those wonderful statistics from other countries on infant mortality, and how it's so much better in other countries than it is in the USA? Well, it turns out that except for the U.S. and a couple other countries, most nations have no laws requiring the reporting of infant deaths. Isn't that interesting? I wonder if the WHO knew that when they excoriated us for our infant mortality figures? Maybe in an attempt to make the mean old USA look worse than Cuba. Naaah! They'd never do that to the nation that provides most of their funding!

Would they?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Honesty Sleeps With The Fishes, Part 2

My sleep has been troubled recently by an uneasy feeling that we are all missing something important in what has now become hot and poorly-directed debate over the White House’s plans to fix what Obama calls our “broken health care system”. I know one thing. The people’s side is not being taken seriously.

Perhaps it’s because we are being corralled into a different direction by Mister Beautiful to divert our attention from what's actually on those 1,000-plus pages. Maybe the “something important” is so important that if brought into the light where it could be looked at clearly, it would change the entire debate. And maybe someone doesn’t want us to go there.

Well, I’m going there.

I’ve been pondering the issue of the “quality of medical care in the USA”, and the fact that it has become a main tool in Washington’s case for imposing socialized medicine on the nation - for make no mistake, that’s where Washington aims to take us. Liberals, including the president of the United States (who should know enough to research things like this before mouthing off) keep telling us that according to the WHO, the United States is only in 37th place in “quality of care” among the list of the world’s nations. Politicians throw this back at attendees of town-hall meetings when they try to point out that they like Medicine the way it is and nobody has explained the new “plan” to anyone’s satisfaction.

Well, the WHO ranking is right . . . as far as it goes. World Health Org. officials are at pains to suggest reasons why America’s medical care system is not as good as 36 others above it in the rankings. Unfortunately, the arcane parameters they choose to measure, like “runaway administrative costs”, “value for the dollar in hospital care” and other similar factors, have nothing to do with actual care outcomes.

As a matter of fact, despite that America’s melting pot includes people from possibly every last race and culture on the planet, each with it’s own set of disease propensities, overall care outcomes in the United States are better than in any other country in the world. And this despite that we compete with many industrialized countries that are culturally and racially homogeneous. You might want to put this into the equation when Britain and Sweden tell us how successful their socialized medical-care system is. Britain’s proportion of races other than Anglo Saxon is roughly 1/60th of the Island’s population. Sweden’s is microscopic. Compare those to America’s 47%.

Note too, that “runaway administrative costs” and “value for the dollar” are metrics that are directly affected by American malpractice laws . . . laws that were written by these same politicians to provide malpractice lawyers with easy pickings and to force doctors and hospitals to dance to their very expensive tune to avoid being sued.

And does anyone not think that medical-care fees and practice are not driven by malpractice insurance costs that now run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for individual practitioners in several major specialties?

Frankly, the World Health Organization's priorities have never been that sharp.

What my pondering comes down to at bottom is that politicians using such inaccurate statistics to convince Americans that our health-care system is broken and can only be “fixed” by a government take-over is a dishonest sham. I won’t say that it is beneath our Washington officeholders, because as we are learning, no lie is too despicable, no deceit too shabby. Left-wing Congressional leaders and the White House are making accusations of people being bought and paid for, to go to meetings and raise hell. If you want to identify the people in this country being bought and paid for, you don’t have to look much further than Congress.

This, by the way, is the same government that is in charge of medical care for native-American Indians. And we all know what wonderful medical care they get.

Meanwhile, we, poor fools, inexperienced as we are in the fine points of dealing with liars, thieves and Wall Street deal-makers, can only sputter our frustration at town-hall meetings while the likes of Barack Obama suavely maneuver us into his Socialized Utopia. Like the cattle that until now, we have proven ourselves to be. Pray we’ve seen the last of that. Even suckers like us have limits.

NYC, August, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

Health Care shell-Game

There's something going on right now in the national health-care debate that nobody seems to have noticed. Everybody but everybody is homed in on only one thing and debate about it rages over all the airwaves, in Congress whenever one of them speaks to the issue, and in newspaper and magazine commentaries.
What is it?
It's the cost. Can we afford it? What can we do to make the plan more affordable? Who will we tax? Will our taxes be raised? Will the plan be self-supporting?

And on and on. Fox News, CNN, the evening network news shows; Barack Obama says it will be cost- neutral and covered by raising taxes on "rich" people. Network panels of political news people debate it endlessly, and in great detail.
Listen to me.

It's a deception. A cover. A fraud. A Washington shell-game. An effective, and successful distraction from the real issues that will descend upon American people when the federal government assumes control of your doctor and your access to medical care.

It is a deception managed by the White House and by far-left congressional leaders to distract us from the CONTENT of the bill - what the health-care bill actually mandates about real, rendered-by-doctors care of sick people in this country, old and young.
Here are some of the details of the plan that Obama doesn't want you to know about.

1. The bill mandates abortion on demand, paid for by all of us tax-payers. Whether or not you object to abortion, the late-term murder of babies, and early-teen abortion without parental notification - on whatever grounds -
moral, ethical, religious, or compassionate, you will be paying for it. You will even be paying for sex-change operations - which are included in these on-demand "health" services. As Becky Gerritson (a Tea-Party organizer) said, this is NOT how I want my tax dollars spent.

2. The health care plan mandates euthanasia. Yes, a review of the plan reveals that some old people who are no longer "contributing members of society" can be put to death by lethal injection or other methods. Did you know that? See #4 for more. (Are you sick to to your stomach yet?)

3. Older people can be denied health care if it is deemed too expensive by the health-care czar who will be running the show in Washington. This means that older people will be denied a hip replacement, prostate cancer surgery, and even (and this has been verified in Canada!) bone fracture-repair. This means that Pop can sit in a wheelchair with his broken hip until he dies in disgust at where he has arrived after a lifetime of
work. With an unrepaired hip or a major leg fracture he will die of an embolus to his brain, heart, or lungs. Nice work, Mr. Obama!

4. On page 425 - well, here's a quote; "On page 425 Congress makes it mandatory that every 5 years people of Medicare age would have a “required counseling session.” This counseling session would deal with advanced healthcare directives and end of life services that would teach seniors how to end their life sooner, i.e. how to decline nourishment, decline hydration, how to go into a hospice. If you get sick before your next 5-year counseling session you will be required to go through the session
again (while you're sick!!) so you can learn how to do what’s best for society and your family."
Is this what we voted for? So Barack Obama can decide whether our parents live or die? Who IS this guy? Adolf Hitler?!

5. “Government controls on health care spending will be associated with longer waits for elective procedures and reduced availability of new and expensive treatments and devices.” A quote from a Dr. Blumenthal, one of Obama's advisors. This was his answer to a question as to why research funds will be cut in the new "plan".
Want to go back to 1950's medical care? Here's your opportunity.

6. Obama says that you can "keep your own health insurance." He is lying. The Secretary of Health and Human Services now, in the Obama administration, has the right to dictate and limit profits of health insurers (Something new
in our previously-free country - the federal government dictating how the private sector runs its affairs; it's fascism pure and simple.). Obama knows very well that because private insurers will not be able to compete with Federal insurance, employer-health-insurance plans will switch over to socialized insurance on a wholesale basis.

7. And finally, think about the fact that the Congress, their aids, and the entire federal government employee pool - who are imposing this "health-care" bill on the rest of us - have the best, cradle-to-grave health care that taxpayer money can buy. And when it was recently brought to a floor vote, they all - every one - voted against including themselves in ObamaCare.

What can we do? That's not the question at all. The question is, what MUST we do? The answer is, get off your ass and telephone your congressional representatives and senators. Look up their names on Google and write them, email them, and call their offices. Tell it to them plain!
Tell them you want them to know that if they vote for this bill, you will fight as hard as you can to see that they are not re-elected, that you will attend every rally, every tea-party you can find to see that they are defeated.

Oh yes, and we better pray, too.

Tom Deecy

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Biden Takes Control of U.S. Government

Early Morning Power Seizure

(Washington, July 27, 2009) In a stunning move early this morning, Vice President Joe Biden strode into the Oval Office of the White House and ousted President Barack Obama from his chair behind the Lincoln desk, telling him in the presence of the White House Chief-of-Staff and other members of the Cabinet that he (Obama) was through.

“Enough is enough!” he stormed, surprising Rahm Emmanuel, who said that he (Biden) “was red-faced, obviously angry, and looked as though it wouldn’t bode well for anyone to cross him, especially a skinny little Jew like me. My mother would have called him a meshuganeh, God rest her soul.”

Sources close to the Vice President’s office told us that for the past few days the Vice President has been quietly steaming over Barack Obama’s attire when the President attended the All Star game to throw out the first pitch. “Those jeans were terrible!” he was heard to say. “They’re an insult to sports lovers everywhere,” adding, “He lobbed that ball like a little old woman. It’s grounds for a coup d’etat!”

White House insiders were not so sure. “This isn’t Honduras, after all.” one of President Obama’s aids was heard to say.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Iraq pressures US to cooperate on Haditha killings

“Islamic justice” said to be sought in case

Friday June 2, 2006

Iraq’s prime minister Nun Maliki said today that Iraq will demand access to the perpetrators of the massacre of Iraqi civilians by U.S. Marines at Haditha so that they can face Iraqi justice and not get just a “slap on the wrist” by soft American generals. The ordinary Islamic punishment of amputating a hand or two will not be sufficient.” He added.

Mr Maliki made the demand during a visit to a rebuilt power station with Washington's Iraq ambassador, Zalmay Khalilzad. The U.S. Marine battalion who were rebuilding the power station after its destruction by Islamic freedom fighters were asked to stop work for the day and to clear the area of any unexploded bombs, so that the prime minister could present his demands to the American Ambassador on camera.

"I hope it [the US investigation] will be fair for the sake of all the Haditha victims," he added.
Ambassador Khalilzad said that a handover of all the U.S. Marines presently serving in Iraq had not yet been agreed to, but that a meeting on the subject would be held later today with Iraqi police officials.

Mr Maliki also said that such incidents were common in Iraq. Troops from the multinational force showed "no respect for citizens, smashing civilian cars and killing on a suspicion or a hunch", he told reporters.
“We intend to see that these bloodthirsty Americans are brought to justice,” he added. “When they are turned over to the Iraqi authorities they will be beheaded and dragged through the streets of Haditha on the back of Abu Musab al-Zarkawi’s Mercedes Benz. It’s the only car in that town with enough horsepower.” He explained. “And since Ab lives there himself he was only too glad to volunteer the limo.”

The chairman of the Iraqi Human Rights Association, Muayed al-Anbaki, commented that the incidents were "unacceptable". "It looks like the killing of Iraqi civilians is becoming a daily phenomenon," he said. “I think we should temper justice with mercy though. Beheading a few of the ringleaders will put a stop to it once and for all. Amputating the hands of the rest of the U.S Marines in Iraq should send a loud and clear message that the new Iraqi government is not going to put up with random and senseless violence.”

In a related story, 340 reporters and photographers from The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, and The Boston Globe departed for Baghdad early this morning in a chartered 747, along with Michael Moore, Barbra Streisand, Robert Redford, Susan Sarandon, Rob Reiner, and Cindy Sheehan.
“This is too good to be true,” the organizer of the junket said. “I only hope that these knee-jerk Republican reactionaries finally learn something about real American values from our articles and photos. We intend to film the entire event.” He added. “Right down to the last bloody stump.”