Wednesday, June 01, 2005


DEMS DEMAND DIVORCE: Laura Bush Must Step Down, Senators Scold
Grey Owl
June 15, 2005

NEW YORK--At a Democrat Fund Raiser in New York today, Senators Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Ted Kennedy (D-Ma) demanded that Laura Bush resign her position as First Lady and divorce the President. Senator Schumer told a cheering audience of New York City school teachers that the nation can no longer afford to have people in government who make such obviously irresponsible statements. "Laura Bush has insulted every school teacher in America and embarrassed us with all of our European friends." he said.

The Senator was referring to a talk the first Lady gave to pre-school children and their parents in West Virginia, where she said that, "Children should not depend only on grownups, but instead should read books and study hard in school for success in later life".

Senator Schumer said such statements are an abuse of the First Lady's responsibilities, and are clearly over the line. The Senator said that her inflammatory statements, "make it crystal clear that just stepping down would simply not be good enough. She has not only offended every conscientious school teacher in this country," he said. "She has insulted the late, great Senator from West Virginia, Robert Byrd." (D-W.Va)

"Incendiary statements like this," he went on, "can only hurt Senator Byrd's efforts to earmark the new highway bill to add a badly-needed fifty billion dollars to the West Virginia school budget for fiscal 2006."
The Senator told a cheering crowd that Laura Bush must now distance herself from this administration entirely by divorcing the President and leaving the White House for good.

"It's the only decent thing to do," Senator Kennedy added, finding his way to the microphone. "Laura Bush should go back home to Plains Georgia, where she came from."


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