Friday, June 17, 2005


Grey Owl

June 17, 2005

In a scathing denouncement today in the White House Rose Garden, Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democratic Party, denounced Senator Richard Durbin (D-Ill) for what he called, "anti-American hate-mongering". He went on to say that "people like Durbin, Reid, Pelosi, Baldwin, Sheen, Rather, Franken, Matthews, Gore, Byrd, Kerry, (both of them), Streisand, and all those colored people and wet-backs, are at the root of all the problems in this country, and that he wished that Los Angeles would fall off into the Pacific Ocean in one gigantic earthquake. As for his previous condemnations of Republicans, he said, "No comment. I've given up making inflammatory statements."

Chairman Dean, who has himself been recently criticized for saying that he "hates and loathes" Republicans, and also for calling President Bush a "nincompoop, not fit to serve as dog catcher much less any national elective office", has apparently made an abrupt about-face after a lengthy Oval-Office consultation with Bernard Kerik, Bush's one-time candidate for chief of Homeland Security.

Contacted at his ranch in Texas, President Bush said only that he had every confidence that after talking to Mr. Kerik, he was certain "that there was "no dis-assembly" in the report. "Dis-assembly - that means to make something up," he said.
When asked why the discredited Bernard Kerik would be allowed to meet with people in the Oval Office, Bush replied, "It's the People's House. That means it belongs to the American people."

After he left the White House, Howard Dean talked to reporters.
"Tonight I'm heading back home to New Hampshire," he said. "If the Church will have me, I plan to enter the priesthood. Mr Kerik, who is religious himself, was very convincing, and made several references to our Lord during our conversation. And before you ask; no - Mr Kerik was not in any way coercive. The fact that two Sicilian wrestlers were at the meeting had nothing to do with anything. They are friends of Mr Kerik. I wasn't worried at all. Mr Kerik assured me they weren't armed. He told me the White House wouldn't allow it."


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