Monday, July 11, 2005

Hillary Clinton On a Roll

Hillary Warms up to Street Corner Gathering
Grey Owl
July 11, 2005

Aspen—Senator Hillary Clinton, (D-NY) encouraged by audience reaction to her recent comparison of President Bush to the Mad Magazine character, Alfred E. Neuman, today expanded on her characterizations by likening the Secretary of Defense to Harrison Ford. It’s just like having a movie star in the Pentagon,” she said, drawing a laugh from a street corner gathering in the Colorado ski town.
“No, make that Henny Youngman,” she added. “He’s the one who plays the violin, isn’t he? Just like Nero did while Rome burned.”
The Senator, unusually animated in a yellow pants suit, performed a little two-step pantomime of fiddle playing, which drew another chuckle. “Well, this time it’s not Rome. It’s Washington!” she added in an obvious reference to the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon.
“Hey! This is fun!” the Senator said, warming to the passers-by. “Did you ever notice that columnist Robert Novak has teeth just like Margaret Thatcher? And Senator Arlen Spector? Doesn’t he look simply ridiculous with that bald head? He’s starting to resemble an anorexic NBA player! And Bill Frist! He’s a regular cut-up, isn’t he?” This last in an obvious reference to Senator Frist’s background as a heart surgeon.
“And,” the Senator went on, “don’t tell me you haven’t you noticed the uncanny resemblance between Jacque Chirac and Jonathan Winters?”
“Hey!” she concluded, rolling her eyes, “Stick around! We get better! Seriously, folks, I could go on for hours, but I have to go and give my Bill a jingle – if I can drag him away from Sharon Stone for a few minutes!”
Waving goodbye to both of the people still listening, the Senator made for her car where two Secret Service agents were still clapping.


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