Thursday, July 28, 2005


July 28, 2005
Grey Owl

WASHINGTON—In a comment on the Capital steps this morning, an ACLU spokeswoman sharply criticized Scotland Yard for forcing British citizens to appear in public without clothing.
Referring to the news this morning that London bobbies forced two Muslim men suspected of having bombs strapped to their bodies to “take off your clothes and come out (of a building) with your hands up”, the spokeswoman said it was just more evidence of the trampling of individual civil rights in what she described as “the so-called” fight against terrorism. As it turned out, the two men did not have any explosives strapped to their persons.

“I examined the tapes very closely - several times," she said. "It was totally unnecessary to make the men strip. The tapes were very graphic. We knew it would come to this the moment that President Bush and Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair appeared together in bathing suits on ex-President H.W. Bush’s speedboat. These men have their minds in the gutter.”

The spokeswoman said that the ACLU would file a suit against both governments for what she called “indecent exposure and inciting lewd thoughts in bystanders, news reporters, and interested people everywhere."
“Their thingies were gigantic,” she added. “It was disgusting.”

In a related story, a limited edition videotape of the arrest is being prepared. It will be made available to groups and individuals over eighteen in adult stores for an as-yet undetermined fee (plus shipping and handling) on a first come, first served basis.


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