Sunday, July 26, 2009

Biden Takes Control of U.S. Government

Early Morning Power Seizure

(Washington, July 27, 2009) In a stunning move early this morning, Vice President Joe Biden strode into the Oval Office of the White House and ousted President Barack Obama from his chair behind the Lincoln desk, telling him in the presence of the White House Chief-of-Staff and other members of the Cabinet that he (Obama) was through.

“Enough is enough!” he stormed, surprising Rahm Emmanuel, who said that he (Biden) “was red-faced, obviously angry, and looked as though it wouldn’t bode well for anyone to cross him, especially a skinny little Jew like me. My mother would have called him a meshuganeh, God rest her soul.”

Sources close to the Vice President’s office told us that for the past few days the Vice President has been quietly steaming over Barack Obama’s attire when the President attended the All Star game to throw out the first pitch. “Those jeans were terrible!” he was heard to say. “They’re an insult to sports lovers everywhere,” adding, “He lobbed that ball like a little old woman. It’s grounds for a coup d’etat!”

White House insiders were not so sure. “This isn’t Honduras, after all.” one of President Obama’s aids was heard to say.


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