Monday, July 27, 2009

Health Care shell-Game

There's something going on right now in the national health-care debate that nobody seems to have noticed. Everybody but everybody is homed in on only one thing and debate about it rages over all the airwaves, in Congress whenever one of them speaks to the issue, and in newspaper and magazine commentaries.
What is it?
It's the cost. Can we afford it? What can we do to make the plan more affordable? Who will we tax? Will our taxes be raised? Will the plan be self-supporting?

And on and on. Fox News, CNN, the evening network news shows; Barack Obama says it will be cost- neutral and covered by raising taxes on "rich" people. Network panels of political news people debate it endlessly, and in great detail.
Listen to me.

It's a deception. A cover. A fraud. A Washington shell-game. An effective, and successful distraction from the real issues that will descend upon American people when the federal government assumes control of your doctor and your access to medical care.

It is a deception managed by the White House and by far-left congressional leaders to distract us from the CONTENT of the bill - what the health-care bill actually mandates about real, rendered-by-doctors care of sick people in this country, old and young.
Here are some of the details of the plan that Obama doesn't want you to know about.

1. The bill mandates abortion on demand, paid for by all of us tax-payers. Whether or not you object to abortion, the late-term murder of babies, and early-teen abortion without parental notification - on whatever grounds -
moral, ethical, religious, or compassionate, you will be paying for it. You will even be paying for sex-change operations - which are included in these on-demand "health" services. As Becky Gerritson (a Tea-Party organizer) said, this is NOT how I want my tax dollars spent.

2. The health care plan mandates euthanasia. Yes, a review of the plan reveals that some old people who are no longer "contributing members of society" can be put to death by lethal injection or other methods. Did you know that? See #4 for more. (Are you sick to to your stomach yet?)

3. Older people can be denied health care if it is deemed too expensive by the health-care czar who will be running the show in Washington. This means that older people will be denied a hip replacement, prostate cancer surgery, and even (and this has been verified in Canada!) bone fracture-repair. This means that Pop can sit in a wheelchair with his broken hip until he dies in disgust at where he has arrived after a lifetime of
work. With an unrepaired hip or a major leg fracture he will die of an embolus to his brain, heart, or lungs. Nice work, Mr. Obama!

4. On page 425 - well, here's a quote; "On page 425 Congress makes it mandatory that every 5 years people of Medicare age would have a “required counseling session.” This counseling session would deal with advanced healthcare directives and end of life services that would teach seniors how to end their life sooner, i.e. how to decline nourishment, decline hydration, how to go into a hospice. If you get sick before your next 5-year counseling session you will be required to go through the session
again (while you're sick!!) so you can learn how to do what’s best for society and your family."
Is this what we voted for? So Barack Obama can decide whether our parents live or die? Who IS this guy? Adolf Hitler?!

5. “Government controls on health care spending will be associated with longer waits for elective procedures and reduced availability of new and expensive treatments and devices.” A quote from a Dr. Blumenthal, one of Obama's advisors. This was his answer to a question as to why research funds will be cut in the new "plan".
Want to go back to 1950's medical care? Here's your opportunity.

6. Obama says that you can "keep your own health insurance." He is lying. The Secretary of Health and Human Services now, in the Obama administration, has the right to dictate and limit profits of health insurers (Something new
in our previously-free country - the federal government dictating how the private sector runs its affairs; it's fascism pure and simple.). Obama knows very well that because private insurers will not be able to compete with Federal insurance, employer-health-insurance plans will switch over to socialized insurance on a wholesale basis.

7. And finally, think about the fact that the Congress, their aids, and the entire federal government employee pool - who are imposing this "health-care" bill on the rest of us - have the best, cradle-to-grave health care that taxpayer money can buy. And when it was recently brought to a floor vote, they all - every one - voted against including themselves in ObamaCare.

What can we do? That's not the question at all. The question is, what MUST we do? The answer is, get off your ass and telephone your congressional representatives and senators. Look up their names on Google and write them, email them, and call their offices. Tell it to them plain!
Tell them you want them to know that if they vote for this bill, you will fight as hard as you can to see that they are not re-elected, that you will attend every rally, every tea-party you can find to see that they are defeated.

Oh yes, and we better pray, too.

Tom Deecy

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