Monday, October 05, 2009


Here's an interesting quote today from our Glorious Leader:

"Partisan attempts to stall or block healthcare reform are unacceptable, especially as rising costs prevent small businesses from creating new jobs at a time when the U.S. economy remains fragile," President Barack Obama said Saturday.

"Rising healthcare costs are undermining our businesses, exploding our deficits, and costing our nation more jobs with each passing month," Obama said in his weekly radio address.

(Just so you know - unemployment, especially among young people ages 17 to 24 is higher than ever before in our history. This couldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact that Congress just increased the minimum wage again, could it?

$7.25 an hour for a kid to come in after school to sweep out the store or load some shelves? Fuggedaboudit!)

Do you see the game here? Despite his promises that he would reduce unemployment by 3 million new jobs in his first year in office, under Obama, unemployment numbers are rising every month. In September they reached 9.8%, the highest number of unemployed Americans in 26 years.

The Chicago mobsters in the White House must have sat up all night on this one, but Obama and his consiglieri found a way to blame it on somebody else - he's going to blame rising unemployment on our healthcare system!

Hey! He can bring Bush into it and make him part of this problem too! After all, wasn't our horrible health care system in effect during Bush's term? Maybe our Dear and Glorious Leader thought this up on his million-dollar ride over to Copenhagen on Air Force One to use his unparalleled salesmanship on the stubborn fools who run the Olympic Committee and feel like they should give the southern hemisphere a chance, given that an Olympic event has never been held there and Brazil is becoming a major player in the world's economy. too bad. Those half-empty slums of Valerie Jarrett's might have made a good place for a stadium. Oh, well. There's always the winter olympics.

Mmm - mmm - mmm! Barack looks like an ass! Mmm - mmm - mmm . . . .

Oh. and you know what? All those wonderful statistics from other countries on infant mortality, and how it's so much better in other countries than it is in the USA? Well, it turns out that except for the U.S. and a couple other countries, most nations have no laws requiring the reporting of infant deaths. Isn't that interesting? I wonder if the WHO knew that when they excoriated us for our infant mortality figures? Maybe in an attempt to make the mean old USA look worse than Cuba. Naaah! They'd never do that to the nation that provides most of their funding!

Would they?


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